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The Sydney Shires Cricket Umpires Association was founded in 2001 to service the needs of the Sydney Shires Cricket Competitions. In 2010 the Association was invited to appoint umpires to all matches played in the Sydney Masters, Classics and Vintage Competitions. The Association is always seeking to bring new umpires into our competitions and welcomes enquiries from any persons thinking about taking up umpiring. For more information CLICK HERE

All competitions run by the Sydney Masters Cricket Association are governed by the MCC Laws of Cricket, along with the Playing Conditions specific to each competition.

The Laws of Cricket are maintained by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and are reviewed and updated as the game evolves. All teams should be aware of the the Laws of Cricket and at least know the basic laws. The current edition of the MCC Laws of Cricket can be found on the Lords web site.


You can access copies of the MCC Laws of Cricket and the Playing Conditions for your specific competion on the Library page

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